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  • Americans prefer to Shop Online
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Shop & Reward is the First Shopping Search Engine gives Cash Rewards for every online shopping.

You can earn Rewards for almost every shopping you conduct thru Shop & Reward Search Engine.

Our intention is to reduce your spending amount on online shopping. Our Unique Search Engine let you compare prices and earn cash rewards upon purchase.


  • No Registration Fee or Signup Fee or Set Up Fee. It is Completely Free.
  • 100% Guaranteed. Once You Purchase Your Product, You are All-set.
  • Simple, Easy, and Straightforward. No Installation or Software needed.
  • Unlimited Opportunities. Help Your Friends and earn Rewards for them.
  • No Secret Advertisement or Funky Stuff.

  • Compare Prices from different Websites.
  • Works with eBay, Amazon, Target and many other Stores.
  • You will paid via PayPal or Gift Card of your choice.
  • Reward for Every Successful Purchase.

Every time you purchase a product (you will purchase from the original website product is offered not Shop and Reward) via our search engine, you are qualified to earn Cash Rewards.

Yes, it is for every item purchase via our search engine.

It is easy, convenient and 100% Guaranteed.

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